Thursday, July 28, 2016

What Are the Improvements of the German Safety Plan?

Based on the Chancellor's comment today, these are the nine areas to be improved to save Germany from the terrorists:

1.  An early warning system.  Somehow, they want some mechanism built to warn them of radicalization in the asylum process or integration process.  Someone within the political players apparently thinks they can invent this process to ID radicals.  Even if they did.....then what?  Would they immediately go and lock the guy up or would they spend six months trying to get him to leave? This is one of those ideas that look good on paper but never works in real life.

2.  Personnel.  There is to be some order going down to improve staff personnel and improve technical equipment on hand.  I imagine they mean computer and internet security.

3.  Decryption staffs improved.  More efforts to decode messages are somewhere in this mix.  It'll cost money, but Germany has some of the best computer geeks in the world.....why not turn them loose and pay them a check for real services.

4.  Bundeswehr.  The Chancellor hints that it's time to write some clear piece down and pass it via the Bundestag that allows the German Army to work with the Police, when required.  The SPD?  They've stood against this, as well as the Green Party, in the past.  It's hard to say if this will occur now or not.  The one issue that will come might have some German Army people who say they won't work against their "own" people, and that will really hype up the general public about who these people think they are serving.

5.  Research / prevention.  They want every single possible idea laid out on the table, and bright ideas to get funding for research.  Anything that seems to indicate a positive solution.....will get funding to go ahead.  Again, it'll be curious what comes out of this idea.

6.  Europe-linked.  Every single source of terror data needs to be linked and available across the EU.  If the cops in Prag know something about this one guy sitting in Koln.....the cops in Koln ought to have access to that folder of data.  Getting them all to share this?  The EU would have to invent something and force everyone to play.  I have doubts that they'd all agree to this.

7.  Waffenrecht.  Basically another round of EU gun laws.  At the minimum, they want trade/purchase across country lines to be impossible.  I would take a guess that most in the EU would agree, and this one simple request would go through.  Everything else related to more gun laws?  Forget it.

8.  News services.  They want across the board in Europe and the sources to limit comments about names or accomplishments of the terrorists.  It would be Mr X and very limited information about the act accomplished.  In essence.....the public would find little out about these some folks will be hostile about this and say that it's to hide the screwed up policies of political figures from the public.

9.  Finally....moving failed applicants along.  They want the system to work, and get folks as quickly as possible on a plane out of Germany.  On this, the public would support this, and there's no reason why a guy couldn't be told on a Monday afternoon that he failed the application, and he'd be on the Tuesday plane back to his country.  The Green Party and Linke Party won't support this, and no one from the SPD said much.

Will any of the nine things really improve much?  Each has a positive and if they were all passed and working.....I think in six to twelve months....they would have some affect.  But right now?  Zero effect.  The first one which could be passed in a matter of the next month?  Both the Waffenrecht idea for the EU folks and the moving applicants on quickly within the Bundestag....both would be easy to accomplish.

If I were a German.....I would at least be happy they invented some ideas out of thin air.  But I would be asking why they didn't do these last month?  And I would be facing this reality.....there really isn't much left that they can invent if these fail....except to get rid of religious freedom and allowing the public to be armed.....which really change Germany if we ever get down to that degree of acceptance.

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