Friday, July 29, 2016

German ZEE-One?

Somewhere on the satellite listing, in the past twenty-four hours I've been a new offering for Germans (free-TV)....entitled Zee-One.

So, it's being delivered by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, and is supposed to be a 24-hour channel offering to Germans.....Bollywood movies, Indian shows, etc.

What's been said for the past six months as they planned and built up the programming is that they want to entice German women between 20 and 60 to watch.

I sat there....reading through two articles over this, and just shaking my head.

One roughly three occasions, I've tried to sit down and watch a Bollywood (India-produced) movie.  At best, I'll get around twelve minutes into it, and ask myself....what exactly is the theme or projected outcome of this, and after about thirty seconds of pondering.....I flip the channel.

Course, maybe it's because I'm not a woman between 20 and 60.

Will this idea take off for German women?  What sells for the 15-to-25 year old German soap-opera-like shows with continual twists.  Maybe these Zee folks will hire up twenty German actors and bring them into India for a month, and produce forty hours of shows for some short novella series.  But how you rig this up for a 24-hour a day production deal and attract Germans to me is unknown.

The humorous part to that if Zee One ever takes off and German women hype it up.....state-run German TV will kicking themselves for years for not predicting this gimmick and getting a women-only state-run channel.

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