Monday, July 25, 2016

Terrorist, Nut-case, Unhinged, or Ultimate Jealousy?

Before you step off and start to ID various shootings, bombings, knifing, and murders into one simple category of might want to sit down and think about each case.

Last year.....the Eritrean gal killed in Wiesbaden?  That was a jealous ex-boyfriend of hers who killed her....who was not a terrorist.

The Wurzburg Iraqi-wannabe attacker from ten days ago?  That was a fake Iraqi (probably from Pakistan as people suspect) who'd spent an entire year in Germany.  He did a video and claimed all kinds of terrorist he probably was a terrorist.

The guy from yesterday who killed one gal by knife and wound two others?  He was an immigrant, but cops all lead you to the idea that he was getting turned down left and right as he was trying to make points with the woman, and jealousy probably played some role.

The Iranian-German kid who shot up Munich on Friday night?  He'd spent two months in some mental clinic from last year and probably was on various drugs.  I do agree....he did utter the "AA-word" at least once during the episode.....but he's probably in the category of unhinged.

The guy who tried to blow up the wine fest tent?  He'd been on a list for almost a year to deport, and kept getting a waiver to NOT leave.  No one says how.....some people hint that medical folks kept signing off that he was unwell and could not leave.  The problem is.....if they were doing this.....they didn't end his troubles.....they just prolonged the stress of leaving Germany and put more pressure on him.  He might have uttered the "AA-word" but he was probably fed up with the paperwork and constant attempts to deport him.

The guy in Frankfurt who tried to buy a lot of poison for unknown purposes in 2015?  The court from last month said that he's pretty unsettled and probably needs some mental health time in a private clinic.....stopping short of saying he was crazy but he's not well enough in their mind to be walking freely.

Are there more immigrant crazies in Germany than most of the other countries?'s hard to substantiate that but you get this opinion that either they came here unhinged, or living in Germany makes you crazy.

I've often hinted this "making you crazy" comment to my German wife, who says it's not a legit psychological condition.

So I'm offering this advice.  After these incidents occur.....assemble all of the facts and draw your own conclusions.  The news folks should not lead you to some false premise.

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true, but people aren't thinking right now; they're feeling.
and they're allowing their feelings to do the thinking for them.
welcome to a hybrid form of a gilded age.
people are priming themselves for battle - against other people.
whether it be the rise of populism, communism, or who-gives-a-shit-ism...
the point is that: man is making ready to do battle against man.
and like i've said before: there will be BLOOD.