Friday, July 22, 2016

Vacationing in a State of Emergency?

Up until the last week, I would have said that Turkey was a decent vacation paradise.  I did a two-weeker there in 1998 at some seaside resort along the Med and gave it thumbs-up.

I will admit for my two weeks....some risky events did pop up.  The bus that would take you from the resort into the town was roughly 10-cents but it was an American-style school bus which had the whole top and windows removed, so it was a convertible bus which was driven down five or six miles of dirt road which left a nifty dust film on your body.  The food was ok 90-percent of the time....which meant that about every other ate something that really didn't digest very well.  The beers were acceptable except you could line ten beers from the same brewer, and find that five tasted similar in nature, and the other five all had different varieties of alcohol or taste.

So now after the coup, and after a state of emergency has been put in place....why the hell should any idiot German go there?

This is a fine question and I could understand someone who already paid 3,000 Euro for them and Frau to enjoy all-inclusive two week trip to some resort.  But if I were just browsing and hadn't paid any money?  No, there's just no way that I would go into a country which is under a state of emergency.

In fact, I can't understand the German government not standing up and declaring that it's advising people not to enter Turkey during this period.

It would be curious to watch one of the political chat shows on German state-run news, and have some idiot from Berlin explain how in a state of's OK to travel to such-and-such country.

Did the Erdogan crew grasp that when they made up this 90-day state of emergency?  I don't know.  You'd think that someone would mention hotels and tourism as they were talking but who knows?

The typical German?  They will sit there and look at some fantastic deals for Turkish vacations....five star hotels....all-inclusive deals with all the beer or wine you can drink.  But somewhere in their mind....they ought to ask themselves, is it really safe?  If it were....why have a state of emergency order?  The logical German would grin and just walk away....refusing to travel into a state of emergency.

If I were the Greeks....I'd be hyping up a vacation campaign right now....come and visit Greece, the land without a state of emergency.

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