Sunday, July 24, 2016

On the Topic of Political Parties

I often point out the various minor parties that function in the political landscape of Germany.

One of the 21 parties in the Berlin state election is the Welfare Party (Human, Environment, and Animal Protection Party).

Naturally, you'd ask questions.

Well, they have a general platform which is hyped for the Berlin state election.  Their chief three points are: animal rights and protection, (a ban on any and all animal testing), hyping a public health policy that deals a lot with holistic medicine and nutrition, and no screwing around with DNA (trying to change humans, animals or plants).

You would think that most of what they endorse or support....would be perfect for joining the Green Party.  But no, they seem to want their own status.

I went to their web site and looked at their objectives.  It's a curious bit.  They do have various platforms (refugees, education, social policy, anti-bull fighting (Germans don't allow it but they've all seen a bullfight or two in Spain), and even have an anti-circus platform (mistreatment of animals is very bad thing in their eyes).

In 2011's Berlin state election.....they actually took 1.5-percent of the vote (21,612 votes).

If they had aligned with the Greens?  It would have brought the Green Party almost to 20-percent, and edging ever-so-close to overtaking the CDU Party (number two in state politics).

Why so many minor parties existing in Germany?  It's a historical thing.....going back to the 1800s.  Some of this has to deal with bigger parties refusing to open up platform discussions and combining efforts of two or three parties.

If you look at the Green Party of today nationally in was originally two parties.  The Green Party and Alliance 90 Party found common ground and combined.

On the positive side, it does give everyone a chance to find the perfect political party to support and vote.  Note, there isn't a beer-party or a schnitzel-party, in case you were interested.  

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