Sunday, July 24, 2016

The ZDF "Poser" Series

"Poser" typically means someone who is trying to fit in, but usually only achieves it with an exaggeration.

I sat yesterday.....watching Channel Two (ZDF) here in Germany.  They ran a new series on Saturday afternoons....entitled "Mein Land, Dein Land" (My land, your land).

You can take a guess over the topic.....the successful integration stories of German society.  Failed stories?  Well....after watching their episode today, I'd take a guess that failure stories won't be allowed.

It's more of a propaganda-type show that some intellectual would build to show multiculturalism is moving along and succeeding in Germany.

Thirty years ago.....with limited choices on alternate commercial networks, the public would have watched stuff like this and probably believed most of what they presented.  Today?  There's a large segment of German society who simply don't watch state-run TV, period.  Then there's the crowd who might watch but questions virtually everything they present.  And there's the three-percent crowd (my humble number) who are intellectually motivated and want to believe in such things as multiculturalism.  These are the same people who watch the opera shows, the political chat forums on state-run networks, and the cultural shows.

If a hundred thousand Germans watched this lamely crafted propaganda piece.....the network will probably be happy enough with the results.  They probably got some order via various political folks that they need to be reflecting some positive trend in Germany society, and this is the result of this strategy session.

So, if you were sitting around on a Saturday afternoon and wanted some good decent propaganda-style documentary series, this might be a fine choice.  Or you could watch reruns of Murder She Wrote, a reality series on lumberjacks in the American Northwest, or a darts tournament on the Euro sports channel.

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