Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The German Fix

There's a piece out of the RP-Online.....the regional newspaper for North Rhine Westphalia......over Islam in Germany today.

The emphasis of this article is that there are literally thousands of young Muslim men....ages 15-18 years old....who are unaccompanied in Germany as refugees or migrants.  All are easily approached by radical recruiters, given some enthusiasm over the religion, and recruited for killing people.

German politicians are now suggesting that it's necessary to push for Islamic education or religious training in German schools for these kids.  Only five German states mandate this for Islamic training.  All German states mandate some religious training either in Catholic or Protestant religions.  This is usually an hour or two a week, for one single school year.  Some call it ethics and religion because it tends to focus more on ethics than anything else.

The idea here is that you would focus these young guys on non-violent actions, behavior of stable person, avoid conflicts, and respect other religions.

Some individuals who've studied the Muslim religion will offer the analysis that the Quran itself is written in a confusing way, and for other sentence that offers good practical advice....there's another sentence to condemn the practical good stuff.  So instruction may have some severe limits.

When this is pushed by German bureaucrats.....the conclusion you can draw is that they are almost at their wit's end....having few if any tricks left in the box to fix the problem at hand.  You really don't want a ax-murderer kid every six weeks in Germany on some train and attacking people.....then having to be shot or put down like some animal.

The class idea?  If this were me.....I'd mandate a class on absolute ethics and respect for every kid in Germany between 15 and 17.  No religion.  Just old fashion respect for people.

My guess is that they will find some way to funnel another billion or so....into some training scheme, and find out by the summer of 2017 that it has zero affect on these young men. But least it'll help to funnel another billion in tax revenue into another fake gimmick.

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