Saturday, July 16, 2016

France Open-Carry?

I noted out of French news today.....from the newspaper Le Figaro:

"The soldiers of the Caliphate fight this war not halfheartedly why has to stop so that we fight it with pusillanimity With a few soldiers on our streets and a few bombs We must arm ourselves again We need the military and.... the police give the right weapons. we must arm ourselves legally. and bring morally. we need to stop trying to fight the terrorists with our means, just because we do not want to play their game. of course, we can not take the risk of such attacks to zero . But we should not at least try? Sure, this war, which was explained to us, is long and difficult. we will insert more defeats. One more reason, no time to lose. we must act now. "

What the editorial is to basically in the fashion that Israel allows.  What Israel has is a gun license situation.  You go and prove several points, take a class on firearm usage, and then you get a license to carry a weapon (to include in public).

If you were to suggest this around France's hard to gauge if the public would agree to this open style of weapons usage.  My gut-feeling is that forty-percent would easily say yes, and another twenty-percent would ask more questions on how it would work.  I doubt seriously that the cops or political folks want to engage upon least at this point in time.

The limit, if you went this direction?  My guess is that you'd allow public citizens over a certain age (maybe twenty-one) to take weapons courses, and be allowed to carry either pistols or shotguns.

Would it change anything?  If some idiot were all hyped up on going onto some  But if you were to walk up to some cafe and hoped to kill forty people, and twenty of them had pistols....they would return fire, and the guy would go to the graveyard with only five or six people dead before the armed French folks fired upon him.

This type of suggestion would freak out Germans and be dismissed as quickly as possible.

In Israel, a fair number of civilians are armed and they return fire.  If you want to kill forty people in Israel then you'd best use a bomb on a bus because they'd take you down before you had time to fire a weapon enough to kill forty people.

With about eight months before the next French presidential would not surprise me if the right-wing figures start talking about an open gun situation.  How long would it take to make this happen?  I would imagine the EU would quickly step in and note that their laws would prevent mass open carry.

The thing is....if you wrote a new French law and just said you had to be a graduate of some gun training episode and register yourself via the local police.....then you could easily be carded, and have a holster law to say in the general'd be allowed to hold a pistol.  How many would sign up?  Unknown.  It might be 100, might be twenty-million.

The EU would be very disturbed over the agenda direction and try to halt it.  But I suspect over the next eight months....if you figure two or three more mass killings....there won't be much public sentiment standing in the way of open-carry.

It's the answer.....but it would lessen the amount of killing involved.

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