Sunday, July 24, 2016

Two Footnotes From Munich and the Shooting

Two odd notes made it into the news today in Germany.....over the Munich shooting episode from Friday afternoon.

First, apparently, a couple of Munich teenagers yesterday (Sat) decided to meet up somewhere in the Munich area  for a fantasy game of air-guns (bb guns, for the most part).

Someone made the observation of the three carrying the air-guns in public, and got the cops involved.....who are already hyper-active about preventing any more shootings.

So, the cops connected and found the three kids (two being sixteen and one being seventeen).  They'd gone out apparently on Saturday morning and bought the guns a toy-shop in Munich, and dressed up in dark clothing.

As the cops arrived, the weapons were in full display and in some type of activity.  You can guess the reaction-like behavior of the cops and they were probably ready to shoot upon the three.  Luckily, things got defused quickly, and the three were escorted to the local police station.  Later, their parents were called and had to come down to pick them up.  No comment about the release of the air-guns.

The thing is....right now, the public is drawn to observe and quickly the cops are.  Anything that looks threatening is going to get cop action immediately. These three punks were wise enough to realize how to calm things down and obey the cops.  In the US.....all three would have been likely shot upon.

The second thing that came out is another footnote about this Iranian-German kid who committed the shooting on Friday evening.

Cops now say that in 2015....this kid was sent off to a psychiatric clinic for two months.  Clinic Halaching.

What they generally said was that he had an extreme case of ADS (Attention-Deficit Syndrome).  After two months there (a fairly lengthy period)....they sent him home and he was on out-patient treatment.

Drugs during the out-patient period.  No one says, but they must have prescribed some type of drug I would imagine the cops will spend some time reviewing his medical records and see if it's possible that he was doped up to some extreme that he really wasn't in a world of reality.

The odd thing?  I sat and looked at the name of this clinic.....Halaching.  Last year, RTL (a commercial network here in Germany) did a special report one night.  They sent an undercover team under the Wallraff Report to this clinic.  Various issues were laid out for 2015, and it suggested that they were not really the kind of operation that you'd want to be treated.  No one shut them down or such, but it made enough of an impression on me that I remembered the name.

So, you got a nutcase Iranian kid.....possibly with some serious mental issues.....spending a fair amount of time in a psychological unit last year....probably on some drugs....hyped up on Islam....and got himself a gun.

Most Germans would sit there and assemble the information....and ask some rather stupid but direct questions.  Did the clinic realize the extent of his problems?  What were the drugs and effects upon him?  Are there potentially more mental cases out there who are hyped up on Islam and a threat to the safety of German society?

It's a crazy world, in the literal sense.

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