Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mentally Confused?

Somewhere among all the news items for Germans today....within state-run TV....is a suggestion that this Afghan kid who attacked folks with an ax on a German train.....was possibly mentally confused.  He, as they suggest....could not grasp his religion, and thus could not survive in this world because of his confusion.

You start it with a simple statement.  Maybe it's just to convince one single person of something that is a bit on the fringe of reality.  Maybe after a month, you've got seven to ten people who've bought into mass confusion.  Maybe after year.....a hundred people.  Maybe after ten years.....maybe 100,000 people.

Eventually some people will wise up and get the joke intended.  Some will wink a bit, and maybe carry on the confusion at different levels.  And some folks will be deadly serious about the confusion....to the point that they'd actually die for the confusion, or allow others to die.....to ensure the survival of the religion.

At some point, those people on the weakest level of survival and existence....will be consumed by such a confused matter.  These are the people who screwed up....lost their place in society, and don't have much left to live for.

The people left at the foolish stage of spending weeks, months, or years handcuffed to and discovering this?  They have to look around and have some desire to walk away, but if your friends and relatives are still into a mass of religious confusion....how can you walk without criticism?  So you fake it.  You drink beer with buddies.....talk of successes and failures.....go back tomorrow to play some fake act with the support of the religion, and just deal with your mental confusion.  After practicing this performance a good bit.....you learn to repeat it day after day.

For those outside of the religion?  We don't really mind letting the pretenders just act out this fantasy and carry it on....for their own benefit.  But there's this second group who aren't exactly rational, respectful, or logical.  This is a group who've taken the mass of confusion to a different level.  In some ways, they've given up on life and determined they'd be best remembered if they were six-feet under, and to achieve that.....they will take civilization down a notch as they go.

Sadly, the pretenders to the mass confusion just stand on and watch this act continue.  They won't dare admit the confusion or convey some words to the irrational or six-feet-under wannabes.  That would risk too much in life for them.

So I go back to the definition of mental confusion, and try to assemble what really makes a good confusion stand out.  To make a large-scale fabrication....you need to charm the public with various statements.  It helps to build up a grand status, having the right people continually pass on messages to support the confusion, and keep quoting some theme which is central to the confusion.  You run songs with video.....offer up some prayers....and talk of the great beyond.  You would wish that a guy would draw a line on confusion....trying to separate it from reality.  But maybe he's just too far into the business.

This really isn't rocket science....but you have to wonder....are these mentally confused people really that screwed up?

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