Monday, July 25, 2016

Effective Nature of German Gun Laws

A fair amount of discussion occurred since Friday's shooting business in Munich, with German society asking questions.  Naturally, as the German logic goes.....something went wrong and we need to fix things.

So, what failed?

Well....the Iranian kid in question....could NOT buy his weapon via the German legalized method of gun ownership.

The first step in gun ownership would have asked if he'd ever been arrested or charged, and on this....he was a perfect candidate.  He'd never been in trouble and apparently never arrested.  He also met the required age requirement.

But the second step was where he'd fail.  You have to have a doctor sign off that you are physically and mentally capable of handling this.  The doctor would have opened the digital file....noted two months in 2015 for a in-patient situation at a mental-health clinic, and currently now in out-patient care with a drug prescription.  On that he would have failed to progress.

The German system worked as designed.

So the kid went to the illegal process.....going to DARKNET and finding an ad for a non-functional Glock.

Cops in Germany have noted for several years that DARKNET is now a problem.....which they aren't really manned for going after the internet area.  They can run a few hit-and-run operations and make a small dent, but the political folks really haven't equipped the German cops for around-the-clock battles on DARKNET.

If you were arresting 200 people a week via DARKNET activities, then you'd start to scare folks into retreating or avoiding it.

It also got pointed out that a fair amount of drug dealing now occurs via DARKNET as well....along with the sales of ID's and such.

My guess is that three months from now when the Munich cops close their report....they will say that every single German gun law worked as designed.  DARKNET attention needs to be focused and more national assets put onto the job.

It won't make Germans happy that there's no easy quick fix or 10-page law to immediately throw up to fix things.....but they might as well admit....they've made just about every single law that is practical and fitting into some fix, and gone well into the impractical or marginalized laws with no effect. Now they need real police work.

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