Monday, July 18, 2016

Just a Plain Regular Nut

When you go and look at the Nice, France attacker....Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel....there are several things that kinda stand out....for the normal Muslim jihad freak.

Virtually everyone around, even relatives and neighbors....say that Bouhlel actively used drugs, drink heavily, etc.

While married and producing three kids.....everyone around noted that he had absolutely zero interest in religion (any type).

He was never seen for almost a decade in the local mosque.  He ate pork regularly.  He drank beer by preference.  He liked pot.....a good bit.  He liked to make hints to other women on his availability.  He liked women (in the physical sense).

Local folks described a 'blackness' that had overcome his character when the wife confronted him and went for a divorce.  He drank excessively and behaved like some crazy lunatic.  The wife even had restraining orders against him because of his violent behavior.  One has to think that he was using some type of narcotic which hyped up his behavior.

His hobbies?  That's the strange thing: martial arts, boxing, and lifting weights.  One has to imagine that he probably testing steroids on the side, and it might have affected his behavior.

The one strange note comes from the family which describes him from around a decade a depressive state of mind and he had was said to be a nervous breakdown.  It would be curious if the doctor diagnosed him with such without any drug tests, and if he was already on some steroids there in 2003/2004.

Finally, the family lawyer makes a comment, which France 24 (a great news source).....from whatever encounters that he had with the guy (probably over divorce paperwork and the court order to stay away from the wife).....his impression was that the guy really wasn't that clever or capable of hiding himself.  He was likely the type who jump to conclusions.....doing things without thinking about them or acting on an impulse.

For anyone who suggests that this guy radicalized very quickly.....I might suggest something other than that.  This guy just crossed some path one die, and take people with him.  You can call it Jihad or Islam or whatever, but this guy didn't seem to really fall into the "I-got-religion" category.  He just made an impulsive decision and killed all those innocent people.  There might have been a plan, but it was the type that would fit on a 3x5 inch card (which doesn't really say much).

I know.....people would prefer a nice tidy jihad angle.  But this was a nutcase guy.....likely just on an impulse.

And here's the thing.  There are probably 10,000 such nutcases in France who are capable of a slam-bang decision like this and going out in a blaze of glory.  We have the same issue in the US....except probably ten times that number.

All this sorrow.....created by an unbalanced guy?  Yeah.  You can mix Islam into this because he's from the right family and should have hung out in the mosque.  But he's just a plain regular nutcase, who liked beer and pork.  Go figure.

All of this?  From France-24.

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