Sunday, April 9, 2017

3629: The Last One-Thousand Germans

I pulled up an Excel spreadsheet today, and did a simple ten-minute exercise in building a spreadsheet to show the decline issue in German population.  It's generally accepted these days in Germans that the 82-million population will shrink over the next twenty-odd years and hit 65-to-70 million.  I've often sat and wondered why bother stopping at the twenty-odd year point.

So, if you continue the same trend of a 1.4 for a end up in fifty years with 58-million.

In 200 years, it'll be 20-million.

In 290 years, it'll be 10-million.

In 628 years, it'll be 1-million.

In 957 years, it'll be 100,000.

Around 803 years into the future.....Wiesbaden will be down to it's last 1,000 residents (285,000 presently).  There probably would still be two pizzerias in operation, and at least one ice cream shop.

In 595 years, Neuwied would reach it's last 1,000 residents.

In 898 years, Bremen would reach it's last 1,000 residents.

In today's environment, it's hard to imagine such a dramatic shift.  Oddly, it's not the plague or some catastrophic dam's just that the declining birth-rate has an eventual impact.

When German leadership seems to be so pro-migrant or pro-immigrant, there's some thought process in that something is better than nothing.

It would be hard to imagine standing around in 3629 and looking over some vast land called Germany, and to imagine there are just 1,000 hearty Germans left.  Some guy will be least sixty folks will note their status as intellectuals, and fifteen-percent of the crowd will still be on welfare or Hartz-IV status.

Oktoberfest?  My humble guess is that about five-hundred years in the future (with the total population at 10-million)'ll have to end or they will have to hire Greeks or Italians to come in and help run the fest.

So, a moment to pause over and think about this projected outcome.  We might even be shocked in 3629 to learn that the last thousand Germans are mostly ethnic non-Germans (Pole-Germans, Turk-Germans, and Syrian-Germans).

Just something to think about.

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