Friday, April 14, 2017

Tunisia Recovery?

In 2015, several attacks occurred in Tunisia over a matter of a couple of months.  Sixty dead.  By the end of 2015, tourism (especially from Germany) had virtually stopped.

If you had to go and pick a country that had the perfect atmosphere.....quiet beaches....and priced right for vacation, Tunisia prior to 2015 was the place.  A number of companies had gone in over the past decade and invested millions into resort complexes, golf courses, and holiday spots.

I noticed last night on German TV (ARD).....that some people are talking about a recovery period in 2017 in Tunisia, with tourism.

Two things have basically occurred to change perceptions.

First, Tunisia has hired a fair number of men to be guards or policemen around the beach fronts.

Second, the hotels have created compound-like structures, with enhanced security measures, and private armed security.

Back in 2009/2010.....Tunisia had almost seven million people per year visiting.....which was considered a peak period of the last decade.  For 2016, with the downward trend, they'd lost roughly 20-percent of the tourists over the previous year.

For the Germans and Europeans....they really need this tourism in Tunisia to work.  It keeps young Tunisians employed and not seeking some migrant status to enter Europe.  The question will you really feel safe enough while on vacation?

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