Friday, April 21, 2017

Live NFL Draft On German TV?

In roughly seven days, ProSieben MAXX (a German commercial TV network) will run the 2017 NFL draft live.

It is a sign of the times....that the NFL does now have a fair number of German fans, and they are starting to care about the draft, the Cleveland Browns, the Cowboys, and even the Falcons.

How many Germans are into NFL football?  Unknown.  Nobody collects statistics like that.  If you were to ask me....I'd say it's less than 300,000 out of 82-million Germans.  Maybe I'm wrong and it's up in the one to two million range, but I would seriously doubt it.

I think what the TV networks figured out is that on Sunday evenings...from 6PM to midnight....there's just not that much on TV which interests guys of the 18 to 45 age group.  You have a couple of movies, five or six documentary shows (mostly on wild animals, people hiking, and food topics), a cooking show, and a murder-krimmi show.  That's it.  The NFL game offerings?  It attracted German guys.

Enough to run the NFL draft show?  It's more or less a shocker, I will admit.  

The thing you have to wonder about, will this grow over the next decade?  Could you have two million NFL fans in Germany?  Could you have 40,000 hard-core Raider fans?  Could you have 1,000 Germans flying on Friday night over to the US and attend a game in Vegas on Sunday?

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