Friday, April 28, 2017

Alt-Right Media?

In Austria, it's a fairly debated topic on immigrants, asylum and migration.  Based on polls, voting and general's about 50-50 on the split of the country.  Some will say that the news media (talking mostly over the state-run ORF) has used bias coverage and arranged debate forums with expected outcomes.  Newspapers are independent and are generally split on coverage.

I noticed this past week that the Red Bull CEO (Dietrich Mateschitz) has had a public comment or two....that there is too much bias news in Austria.  He wants to level the playing field.  His suggestion?  He might go and fund a Breitbart-type alt-right news site.  He's got a billionaire-status and could throw twenty-million Euro at some idea like this....aiming it at Austria, Switzerland, and Germany (all Germanic-speaking countries).

To be honest, alt-right doesn't exist in the Germanic region right now.  There are varying reasons for this.

First, public TV (ORF, ARD, ZDF, and the rest) will say that they are providing a voice for the general public via the chat forums that exist.  The fact that a growing number of people aren't viewers of public TV (even though they are forced into paying the tax) hasn't registered much with the public TV enthusiasts.

Second, the left-of-center and right-of-center political folks are trying desperately to keep the focus on this gimmick.  The fact that in Austria during the last big election....both left-of-center and right-of-center lost in major numbers, and you see the same thing in last weekend's France election (less than 25-percent went for the normal two parties).....hasn't really registered with journalists yet.

Third, the thrust of the immigration and migration control topic, is mostly now at the EU.  It's difficult to see any change coming until spring of 2019.....when another election occurs to decide the basis of representation at the EU.  Oddly, you'd look at the timing of this Mateschitz comment and possible creation of a alt-right media device, and think that it might have a serious effect for the 2019 EU election.....if an alt-right news media were around for a year.

Something to worry about?  Look, there's already a alt-left type media in it's hard to argue the alt-right worry, with things as they are.  If Mateschitz does create this'll be amusing that someone tries to suggest creating an alt-left media.....because it's already there.

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