Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Deportation Story

The story came out in Germany in the last week or two....and begs for a lot of questions.

Here is a young guy.....born in Germany.....22 years old....of Nigerian heritage.

Two months ago, this guy and another, were arrested in Gottingen for terror planning.  It's a curious piece because no real charges were drafted up.  The prosecution determined that the Nigerian, while born in Germany....did hold Nigerian citizenship.

So this process occurred, and in a matter of weeks (probably a shock to the kid involved)....Germany had a deal worked up where the kid would be deported to Nigeria and they'd accept him.  Yeah, no jail silly court action to face....just dump him on the streets of Nigeria.

There's no interview of the kid or comments made....but he's standing in Lagos, Nigeria right now today.  I doubt if he speaks any of the local language and there's zero possibility of any job-skills to fit the environment....other than selling watermelons on the street or loading delivery trucks.

I just kinda shake my head over this situation.  Here was some kid who had potential....had German schooling....and all of these remarkable opportunities, he wasted.  In Lagos, he's dumped on the street and will find that there's one-percent of the opportunities that he had in Germany.

All of this...because of Islamic fundamental feelings?  Yeah.

My humble guess is that he'll make way north to the coast and have someone help fund his way onto a raft, and try to make it back into Germany within six months.  You probably haven't seen the last of him.  The cops probably know this, and will simply keep an open eye out for him.

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