Saturday, April 1, 2017

Coalition Talks

After last week's damaging election in the Saarland.....the SPD came out this week with some changes or updates.

A poll from the Saarland collection said that SPD voters were scared off from the party because of the coalition that they'd advertised for several months....the SPD-Green-Linke Party coalition.

So early in the week....the SPD held a meeting with the CDU to talk about a coalition.  It was simply talk.....little else.  Six hours of talk, in fact.

The second thing that occurred was a suggestion by a VIP within the SPD that they would really be happy with a SPD coalition government that was SPD-Green-FDP (leaving their Linke Party friends by the side of the road).

Odds of a SPD, Green and FDP coalition?  It's a fairly sure bet that if the SPD does'll be by some 35-percent situation.  The Greens in the past year have slide down to 8-percent and it'll take a miracle for them to expand on that.  The FDP?  With the AfD taking some of their votes, it's a question mark if they can make the bare minimum required....5-percent.  All of that added up?  It won't give them the 50-plus percent for the Bundestag coalition deal.  Yeah....this is mostly false talk but some fraudulent dream that the Greens would get 12-percent, and the FDP maybe 7-percent.

You will see more chat in the months to come about the Linke Party and this SPD coalition.  The general public isn't that interested in the policies or ideas of the Linke it's a hard sell.

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