Friday, April 21, 2017

Conclusion of the BVB Bomb Investigation

The BVB bus bomb attack was about ten days ago, and cops mulled around looking at suspects.  At the forefront were the ISIS folks, and the right-wing extremists.  An Iraqi guy was arrested, but there are pieces of the bombing which simply didn't fit with the guy.  So the cops continued on.

This morning, the story is finally coming together but it's a fairly odd and different story.

First, while it's not something that most Germans would know.....but the team here....BVB (Borusssia Dortmund Gmbh) is actually a company, and listed on the German stock exchange.

Stock value back on the first of April?  Near 5.80 Euro a share.  It's not exactly a hot stock or one that you'd typically go out and buy.  Back in 2014, it would have peaked near 3.80 Euro a share.

So, we move onto the suspect....a Russian guy who has some kind of past with money-laundering.  We aren't saying it's pure Russian mafia stuff, but this guy handles cash which isn't generally seen within the banking sector and likely doesn't pay German taxes.

So, "Ivan" (my name for the guy).....had this grand idea.  He would go out and get a 'put' option on the stock market that the stock would fall from it's general position (5.80 at the beginning of the month), and go down. We don't know the amount that he suggested on the stock call....but he had around 15,000 Euro bet on this stock decreasing.  I can only speculate, but I'd take a guess that his take if it went below 5.30.....was around 100,000 Euro minimum.   Maybe even 150,000 Euro.

It was easy money....if the stock went down.

Then you come to an interesting part of the bomb was made of components that a normal guy would not normally come across.....military-related pieces.  One can only speculate but he probably got it from some connection back in Russia.

As part of the story....he made a big deal out of getting a room in the same hotel as the team was staying, and it had to be on the front of the building.  I would speculate here that the front desk people remember him in particular and his emphasis about the necessity of the room on the front side of the hotel.

The 'put' on the stock deal?  If he did it via a laptop at the hotel.....there's going to be some IP address registering the location, and it'll just finger things directly back to him.

This morning, down in in Tubingen.....cops arrested "Ivan".

If you add up the charges....attempted murder of at least forty people on the bus, manufacture of an explosive device, and bodily harm to a number of people.....I'd take a fair guess that he's looking at life in prison.

So you come to the end of this story.  There are two things of a worrying nature.

First, this idiot did all of this....even possibly killing a couple of the interest of stock manipulation.  The cops won't forget about how this occurred, and it'll make them suspicious of future acts and if they were manipulation efforts.

Second, for the common working-class had to worry about ISIS thugs, right-wing extremists, neo-Nazis, and just plain crazy nuts.  Now, in your list of things to worry about.....stock manipulators and Russian mafia players?

Stock price of BVB today?  Roughly 5.40 Euro.

UPDATE: Cops say now that the guy had 79,000 Euro on the 'put', and if things had gone his way....he would have made almost four million Euro off the stock investment 'bet'.  A heck of a investment maybe life in prison.

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