Sunday, April 23, 2017

The "Concentration Camp" Statement

Somewhere yesterday, with the Pope officiating in some ceremony....he harped up on that a number of Europe's refugee centers are simply "concentration camps".  Yeah, he actually used the phrase itself.

I sat and pondered over the statement.

First, it doesn't matter where you go as an immigrant, migrant or asylum end up as the 'guest' of such-and-such country.  Being a guest doesn't really mean much.  In some countries, it simply means bland food for your daily needs, a heated shelter, and running water.  If you wound up in'd get more than most countries would dish out, but it's not exactly a hotel operation.

The thing is that there's a fair increase in immigrant traffic, and it's not not exactly an emergency or war-time situation for a fair number of folks.  I would take a guess that well over sixty-percent of the 'guests' being handled by most European countries.....are really migrants in search of a better economic condition or improved job.  The folks from Syria and Iraq can talk about ISIS and war, and they deserve some type of safe environment until the war is settled.

If there had been some doorway and control over the economic migrants?  The refugee centers would have been limited in size and scope....with likely a better atmosphere resulting.  But no one wanted to stand at the doorway and limit entry.

What the Pope doesn't say in his that once you get past the refugee center....with a visa and government support....then you come to look for an apartment in some urbanized area and a job.  Then you discover the next reality beyond the refugee center, over-priced marginalized apartments, and jobs which mostly only pay the basic wage.

A fair number of people have taken the 'concentration camp' statement by the Pope and dumped on it. In their mind, it is an unfair statement because these were created mostly at the last-minute, with minimum planning, and not intended to be long-lasting operations.  The general negativity about the camps is that it's a densely populated type situation and lots of people with different views on life are occupying space in the camp....some can live with other folks, and some can't.  Toss in frustrations, stress, bored days, religious preferences, and arguments that break out daily about mundane things.....and you got a mess to control.

The topic of the Pope's statement will be around for another day or two, and then likely be forgotten.

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