Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Landau Story

Things happen in Germany....which tend to be mostly scripted out.  You can generally predict that if situation "A" occurs.....then these other things will unfold.

Occasionally, you will get a pretty unusual situation "A" and then the normal list of things to occur can be thrown out, and you get pretty shocked over outcomes.

This is one of those stories.

Southeast of Kaiserslautern is the small town of Landau (43,000).  Typically, it's one of my favorite drives to come out through the woods south of Kaiserslautern on Highway 10.  It's a highly landscaped town, and mostly known for wine.

As part of this story.....cops get a call.  They need to come out to some guy's house.....he's being threatened.

Cops show up.....two gals out front.

So the story has to be untangled.  This guy (living in this house) was single, and all fixed up to marry some gal (from South Tyrol).  For those unfamiliar with South Tyrol, it's the very northern tip of Italy, up against the Alps, and borders Austria.

Folks from South Tyrol are a combination of Italian, Tyrolian, Austrian, and generally are fairly business-like.  You don't find 'losers' or welfare cases being a trendy thing in South Tyrol.

This German guy and this South Tyrolian gal had everything somewhat planned out, and papers were at the local government office for the license business.  Then, as the journalist who had written the story noted.....the German guy had "orientated himself differently".

In Alabama, we'd have another phrase for it, but "orientating yourself differently" works fine with us.

The issue is that the South Tyrol gal had shown up with her sister, and they weren't really on a friendly call with this guy.  They wanted to speak up to him and give him a piece of their mind.

Sadly, there are no pictures of the event, the guy, or the gal.

It would be interesting to share a beer with the guy and hear his side of the story.  Maybe there are some other bits and pieces to the story, which kinda lead to this 'orientating yourself differently' attitude. Then I'd like to have a beer with the South Tyrol gal, and hear her side of the story.  Knowing Germans, and having met a couple of Tyrolian's possible that you might have some Clint Eastwood-like scenario where two Clints have met up and neither can fully manage the other like you'd expect.

The sad thing over this is that the Landau guy will get himself a reputation.

As for the cops?  Well....I'm guessing they might have stood there at the curb of the house.....talking with the gal and her sister, then talking to the guy, asking forty questions, and went back to the Landau police station to write a twenty-page report, and Sarge eventually called them back in to trim this to six lines.

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