Friday, April 21, 2017

The One-Euro Job Story

Around nine months ago....the German Labor Ministry hustled out this bold new program which was to jump-start jobs for migrants/immigrants.  Throughout the summer of 2016, there was this new reality about all these new people in having visas, but no occupation or job.

The Frankenstein-like creation to fix this?  It was a program to introduce one-Euro jobs (you hire a guy, paying him a Euro an hour, and the government would make up the welfare-payment to cover the rest of his needs).  There would be enough money to create 100,000 jobs.  All of this....aimed at getting people hired, and then onto regular wage jobs eventually.

So ARD covered this story on Thursday of this past week.

In simple was a failure.  It was bureaucratic in nature.....with paperwork attached.  Added to the issue was integration costs....which adds up into the billions and wasn't fully understood by the federal government.

A fix to the fix? one wrote that into the article, and you simply sit there and wonder how one might fix this.

A lot of intellectual types, politicians, and journalists hyped up the job sector back in 2014 and 2015, and how they'd need all these people to fit into immigration made sense.  The issue though is that you need people with basic skills and certifications.  You probably could have found a fair number of unemployed Greeks and Spaniards, with the skills and university degrees to fit into this job atmosphere.....with some language training.  The bulk of these migrants simply didn't fit the profile.

What happens next?  For the remainder of 2017, I suspect nothing.  The election will keep most people occupied and the migrant population in search of jobs will become more frustrated that it's basically a burger-flipper career or return back to the homeland.  A few folks with skills or crafts in their background will get lucky, but I would take a guess that at least 50-percent are disenchanted about this whole Germany deal.

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