Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Steak Wine?

Each week, I get a couple of grocery brochures.  German grocery chains like to advertise and 'hook' people into making a special trip buy stuff.

So this week, I noticed this wine advertisement....well...steak wine.  Some wine chain contracted out to two wine organizations and 'labeled' their wares for steak wine.   3.49 Euro a bottle (roughly $3.75).

To be honest....I'm a bit of a steak eater but I never really thought much over the drink to have with it.  Typically, it'd be ice tea.....a Pepsi.....or a beer.  Wine with steak?  No.

I suspect that a quarter of folks looking through this brochure will stop and eventually 'X' the wine area and buy a bottle or two.  The thing's simply cheap dry wine.  You could use it with chicken, pork steaks, bacon, or waffles.

Starting a new trend for steak folks?  Maybe.  Who knows....maybe even the A-1 sauce people will make up a new sauce with red wine included.

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