Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bringing Back the old "H"

From 1947 to 1984....the French company Citroen made the H-van.

It was a simplistic vehicle....front-wheel drive....hanging low to the ground and giving you almost six-feet of standing room in the rear.  Almost half a million were manufactured.  It was never really appreciated.  

About a decade after they stopped making the vehicle....the public suddenly found an affection to the odd vehicle.  It was the choice for mobile coffee shops and snack bars.  Customizing became a big thing.  And a fair-sized market existed for the used vehicles in good shape.

This week....FC Mobilili came out and said that it's time to bring the van back.  Well....almost.

What is being drafted up is a conversion kit for the Citroen Jumper.  It's a fiberglass body, which you would fit onto your new Jumper vehicle.  Cost?  Unknown at this point.

What you have a particular-looking vehicle that the public has an appeal for.  It's like a magnet.

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Tim said...

The Brits have a TV show called "Wheeler Dealer" were they find and renovated old cars. This was one of there featured finds. It an interesting show to watch if you can catch it.