Saturday, April 1, 2017


I went to a German wine-probe last night.  I should note early on in this essay....I'm NOT a wine connoisseur.  You could offer me a 2-Euro bottle of wine and a forty-Euro bottle of wine, and it wouldn't matter to me.

I tend to have three feelings about wine:

- I'd drink warmed-up gluh-wine all year round (loaded with sugar), if I could.  Sadly, it's usually only available in November and December.

- On a hot July afternoon, nothing is better than chilled Hessen Apple wine, and I'd drink two liters a day, if it were allowed in the house.

- Dry wine is worthless....other than cooking with it.

This wine-probe was a bit different than past events I've attended....they threw out a plate in front of participant loaded with six cheeses, and some bread.  The event was a wine-and-cheese deal.

Sadly, I'm not much of a cheese connoisseur either.  It could have all been Swiss cheese for me, and that would have been fine.

For me, these wine-probes are like a root-canal operation where the dentist wants to tell you everything he's doing....step-by-step....and they are adding 90 minutes onto the surgery.

It was simply six wines that we tasted....three red and three white.  This guy who headed up the wine-probe....a German with a serious obsession and dedication toward wine....probably could have talked for six hours if you'd allowed him.  Somewhere around 10:30 last finally ended, and you walked out.

The thing is....with all that cheese and bread that you fill a bit bloated.  It was probably after midnight when I finally fell asleep.

My wisdom or suggestion on wine-probes....if you this in the afternoon, and find a guy who limits himself to 500 words on a particular wine.  

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Jess Short said...

The only way to tell the difference between German wine and the label.