Saturday, April 8, 2017

Observation About German Crime

I sat and watched a German news segment this week.....featuring a new crime analysis database.  Some Germans finally got smart....put together a database attached to a map, and have this fantastic map displaying home-break-in's and robbery's.  They looked at the map and came to this one conclusion.

It's an odd thing.....what you tend to see is major urbanized areas (like Frankfurt, or Stuttgart, or Essen), where there is a light amount of crime, and then the magnet towns around these (connected by an autobahn).....which are getting hit at a fairly alarming rate. So they came to this conclusion....the gangs all live in the urbanized areas and hit the small towns within thirty to sixty minutes of their home-base, using the autobahn as the entry into and out of the target town.

If you were a mayor gazing over this would come to one single conclusion.

You need to figure out the two or three major avenues from these magnet towns to the autobahn entrance/exit, and put high-definition cameras there.....running from 10PM to 6AM.  After a break-in, you pull up the images and look for cars with the plates of the nearby metropolis.  You get the list of twenty-odd tags that came into your town after 10PM, and send two cops out to visit each guy and ask why they were there.   The alibis will be checked out.....and eventually you will come to one single guy who can't make an alibi that works.  So you start to ID him and have his phone tapped.  His gang will then start to become a target of the cops.

It might take a year for all these potential wisdom to become reality, but you can sense that some gangs are living on short time at this point.

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