Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Borussia Dortmund Explosion

There are four simple facts to this 'attack':

1.  A series of three pipe-bomb-like devices are exploded on Tuesday evening as the Dortmund professional soccer team were heading to their stadium for a game.  Worst damage to the vehicle was a broken window and a punctured tire.

2.  One player cut up on the arm to a fair degree.

3.  Evidence and detective work led to the cops to an Iraqi-asylum guy.....who they've arrested.  Motive?  Yet to be figured out.  There's some German associate also arrested (not believed to be Muslim).

4.  The attack has led to massive security upgrades not only at the Dortmund stadium but around Germany as well.

Last night, for the 8PM nightly news on ARD (Channel One)......this was the lead-off story and took almost seven minutes of the whole broadcast.  Later as the news ended.....then ARD went into a special broadcast for another 15 minutes to tell more of the story.

The issue is....there's basically only six lines of information about the whole thing.  You can stretch this as far as you want, but there's just not much to the story.

The cops are searching for a vehicle seen in the local area that had foreign plates on it....but no one can say if the vehicle was involved in the attack or not.

If you wanted a fairly indepth report....I'd suggest the London Telegraph piece.

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