Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Captain Germany?

In recent months, with the Marvel comic empire....there's been this new twist and change to the Captain America story.

The new slant is that Captain America didn't really come back from WW II as pure and simple Captain America.....but really was head of HYDRA (the evil Nazi apparatus).

In effect, all this good stuff with Captain America for all these years....have been done by an agent of HYRDRA or the official leader of HYRDRA itself.

Why make this so confusing and difficult?  I think Marvel has run out of stories, and this is a way to reset the whole thing.

But then, you get to this new question....if he is this evil HYRDRA guy....then shouldn't he be either Captain Germany or Captain Nazi or Captain HYRDRA?

On the list of 398,074 things to worry about.....I tend to classify this as way down on the list, and probably coming after worry over New Coke versus Old Coke or the amount of fluoride in your water.

But after a while, I suspect some folks will take it upon themselves to rename 'Cap' to Captain Germany, and he'll be adopted by his homeland as their one true Marvel character.  Up until this point, Germans haven't had a Marvel character.  Frankly, I doubt if you can find more than 10,000 Germans who really care about this topic.  My son would point out that DC really needs some winged or suped-up character of German heritage.

A proclamation by Chancellor Merkel adopting Captain Germany?  You see....a Captain Germany would be some HYDRA-character and a neo-Nazi type, and you just can't allow this into German public discussions.  

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