Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Germans News Bits (Tuesday mid-day)

Helpful hint:  SWR wrote up a piece on the problem of Islamic ministers who visit folks in prison.  Both CDU and AfD have criticism in B-W over these ministers visiting and that no vetting process has taken place to ensure they are not radical Islamic enthusiasts.  SPD Party leads government authority over this.  I would suggest that even if they did do vetting....it'd just draw lawsuits to challenge the government in denying access to the prisoners.

German decision on Incirlik shortly: It's likely to be in the next couple of days that the Germans announce that they are taking their Air Force unit out of Turkey and moving elsewhere.  The Turks have played the 'control' card enough....that the Berlin-leadership is prepared to move on.  Based on various reports, it's assumed to be Jordan where they move operations to. N-TV does a good job on reporting the current status.

French legislative election in two weeks:  There will be a couple of days of voting across France....starting on 11 June and ending 18 June.  Polling?  The Le Pen Party (National Front) is at 19-percent.  The center-right party....UDI....is at present around 18-percent.  Leader right now is the Macron Progressive Party with around 31-to-33 percent.  What the polls show is that Macron's party will take around 300 to 320 seats in this election.  If you had said in January of 2016 that a party would emerge out of thin air and elect both a President and vast majority of the French parliament.....people would have laughed at you. Both the center-right and center-left have been decimated by this event.

Welfare fraud:  Focus wrote up a piece that originally appeared in Bild.  German federal government has launched an investigation.  In little more than six years....the social welfare fund for EU foreigners in Germany has jumped to five times what it originally was. They paid out 537-million Euro last year.  There is a belief that these foreign residents from EU countries locate into Germany....start their welfare supplement, and just sit back waiting for the monthly checks.  Migrants or asylum seekers?  No, these are simply citizens of other EU countries who may have figured out who pays the most generous welfare.

Salafists and migrants?  So Focus put a piece together which talks about what Berlin-city cops are perceiving....some type of relationship between African migrants and Salafist organizations within the city.  Outcome?  If you read the piece, you come to suspect some type of mafia arrangement with drug dispersal and sales as the end-result.  Hard to imagine that the Salafist Islamic folks would get into organized crime, but one might wonder if drug production has become part of their landscape. If you had suggested this type of relationship four years ago.....Germans would have laughed.

Russian mafia entry into German billing fraud:  The basic story is told by BR (Bavarian public TV).  So, the cops say that 230 private health care services have been operated by mafia-like organizations in Germany, and massive fraud is going on.  Amount?  Strangely left out of the story.  They've demonstrated one of the big weak points of German health care....in terms of open and transparent services/bills....it's a big question-mark.  Likely to invoke another truth-commission to figure out just how bad the problem really is nationally.

ISIS recruiter arrested:  German cops apprehended and charged a long-term Turk who has lived in Germany as a ISIS recruitment guy (early AM today).  The guy was a Turk Imam and had been active for a fair amount of time.  Jail-time?  It'll be curious how they charge the guy, and if a conviction can be achieved.

Investigation of an investigation:  This is a rather odd story from RBB (Berlin public TV).  After the Christmas period terror act (Amri), the city wanted to clear the air with a big investigation.  So, after they concluded this....there's some problems.  One issue is that files were found to be manipulated during the investigation.  So, another investigative team has arrived to investigate the original investigators.  Mobile phones and laptops have been seized.  The belief?  Amri had been arrested or detained on several occasions, and more than enough evidence existed to lock the guy up or to deport him....yet time after time....he kept getting back on the street.  Some evidence for the original investigation makes it look purely innocent.  One gets the perception that some type of corruption was at play here....maybe a bribe, or some type of insider manipulation.  The humor part of this is that you now might require a truth-commission of the truth-commission....to reach the truth-truth of the whole matter.

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