Friday, May 5, 2017

The Next Turkey-Germany Issue

For several days, there's been talk that Turkey's Erdogan will have a referendum written up....on the government policy for executions (currently illegal in Turkey).  Some think it's being set up to execute a few of the arrested folks from last year's coup.  Some say it's more for the terror suspects being held.

Today, some German reaction came out....with political folks saying that under no circumstance will they allow a referendum vote for Turks living in Germany to occur....over the execution policy.

It's hard to imagine how you got to this point, where these referendums out of Turkey have become a major topic on the political landscape of Germany.

My humble guess is that this is like a scripted exercise, and Erdogan full intends to have such a referendum, and that it'll be dragged into German court to allow them this 'exercise' in Turkish democracy.

If fully halted? He'll just go to the second most likely option of sending out ballots in the mail to each registered Turk and let them mail these back to Istanbul.

If makes the Merkel CDU-SPD government look marginal and weak.  German journalists will spend weeks discussing this and how democracy in Germany got twisted over and screwed by someone like Erdogan.

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