Monday, May 29, 2017

Going on One's Own

It was a political speech delivered by Chancellor Merkel of Germany over the weekend that rippled through the German press.  The basic words were....after the G-7 conference....that the US an UK cannot be relied upon by Europe.  Europe must go upon it's own.

I thought a great deal about these words today, and eventually came to this one observation.

It is absolutely true.  Europe, or Germany....can stand to the side and maneuver upon it's own.  Feel free. Take the steps.  Gallop with long strides.  Jump the hurdles.  Don't let anyone hold you back.

These two that are cast aside?  Don't worry about them.

History deems this dynamic duo as an odd pair.

When the Nazis chased the British to the coast of Dunkirk in May of 1940....they should have been cornered.  Oddly....thousands of Brits came on their private vessels, and loaded up 330,000 troops and removed them.  They would fight another day.  It should have been impossible, but it's hard to tell a Brit this.

When the Nazis had the coast closely guarded, the Americans came in such force....that Normandy opened the path all the way to Berlin.  That also should have been impossible but it's hard to tell an American this.

Things will run fine in Europe without the duo, and if not....then some of Queen's very best and a few crazed Americans will come again.  

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