Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hunter Story

I ended up walking for 12 kilometers yesterday through my local woods, along a trail that I haven't seen since August of last year.

Some German hunter has been fairly intent and busy over this period, and erected what I'd call a five-star hunter platform.

I stood and admired the craftsmanship to this.

When you usually come across these platforms....it's a four-hour effort and minimum wood involved.

In this case?  I'd take a guess that some carpenter spent at least forty hours in the shop and there in the woods erecting this.

Windows on all four corners....a protected roof (allowing drainage), and a high prospective.  No idea on insulation but I'd take a guess that it's water-proof and insulated to some degree (enough that a candle might heat the interior well).

This guy spent a fair amount of money on this platform.  It's the kind of thing that you'd be thrilled to go out at 4AM and sit for an hour or two in the morning....hoping that some deer came by once a year and you got off one good round.

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