Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Suggestion for the EU-UK BREXIT Deal

Over the weekend within Europe....some talk came up that the EU bill for the UK to leave the EU is now set at 100 billion Euro (1,500 Euro roughly for each Brit resident).

I have serious doubts that the Brits will even sit at the table and take this serious.

In fact, I think the Brit reaction will be.....well....we've got this wicked sea monster creature in Scotland....Nessie, and we will agree to give up Nessie to pay off the 100 Billion Euro.

The Germans will be curious about the deal...asking if Nessie could be relocated to the Edersee (near Fulda).  Then the French will voice that they'd like the Nessie to be in a French lake.

So this discussion will then go in the opposition direction where insider EU dimwits argue about where to settle Nessie.  The Italian, the Dutch, and even the Poles.....will all be eager to take control of Nessie.

As weeks go by....the Scots now band together and refuse to hand over Nessie.....not unless they get paid by the EU for their part of the ownership.  The Scot bill?  Fifty-billion Euro.  The EU then meets and talks over the bill they'd have to get full ownership.

Two years down the road.....the Brits have succeeded in avoiding any cash movement on their part.....the Scots have gotten forty-odd billion Euro.....and Germany has finally gotten a full-up legend of sorts....their very own renamed Eddy from the Edersee.  The Scots bring Nessie down in a big vessel, and through the darkness....they truck the big creature in a tank to the corner of the Edersee, and dump Nessie in.

Then for weeks, people gather to observe some sudden movement in the water and the rush of excitement is on.  The Brits?  They keenly grin and stay remarkably quiet....knowing that there's always a fool in the bunch.

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