Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Steaks and Furniture

 I spent Monday afternoon down in the Weiterstadt area (south of Frankfurt) at the mega-furniture shop....Segmuller.

There are two big aspects to the mega-store.

First, if you were shopping for any kind of furniture...this is a place where you could easily walk around for four hours in amazement at the choices possible.  I can't think of a store bigger than the Segmuller store.

Second, they have a pretty decent restaurant up on the top floor, and prices are extremely inviting.

I sat down and noted the big weekly special going on.....with various burgers.  To be honest, I'm always suspicious of German burgers because it's always a fifty-fifty shot.  Some Germans know how to make an authentic burger, and some don't.

In the end, I opted for steak.  Generally, for a 300-gm steak....you'd pay a hefty price, unless it was poor quality meat.  In this case, I was surprised.  For roughly 13 Euro, you got a great steak with a baked potato.

It's a poor reason to go furniture shopping, but tossing a steak dinner onto the deal might be more of an enticement.

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