Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Effect of a Movie on BREXIT

In roughly ten weeks, the movie "Dunkirk" will be released.  It is an epic story of the British and French evacuation out of Dunkirk at the beginning of WW II.  If you go over to YouTube, you can view a preview or two of the movie.

In some aspects, it draws upon three essential factors:

1.  War is a pretty nasty business, and the Nazis were something extraordinary in terms of an enemy.

2.  What the British could not do...was evacuate their troops....mostly because of the massive amount of vessels that would be required (400,000 needed to be moved out).  So, from across the isle, came literally thousands of personally owned boats....private assume the risk and terrible nature of war.  The movie will recognize their efforts.

3.  Sometimes, in the most dire of can overcome a terrible mess.

So, it's kinda odd on the timing here.  The production team probably set out with the writing and planning more than three years ago, and had no forethought about this being some integral part of BREXIT.

My humble feeling is that 90-percent of British society will view the movie before the end of 2017, and feel some gut feeling that they were tough bastards when necessary, and if the EU becomes some demon, then the tough Brit character will return.

For the EU, it's just a historical piece and simply a reminder of WW II.  

It's rare that a movie get consumed by some society and becomes a cornerstone of their persona.  In this case, I think it's guaranteed to lift a whole society.

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