Saturday, May 27, 2017

One Manchester Detail

If you were looking for a in-depth profile of the Manchester bomber....Salman Abedi....then I would strongly recommend reading over the The Guardian piece from yesterday.

One particular detail which does stand out, and generally always comes up in these bomber attacks....unemployment.

Abedi, 23 years old, never held a regular job in his life.

If you go look at most of these episodes over the past four years....these are mostly individuals who held some shadow-like position as a small-time drug-thug, or pretender-student at some school.  Beyond that....very few of these individuals are ever gainfully employed.  You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who was a welder, a carpenter, or some trade-craft the middle of some terror act.

It's an odd trend that you just stand over and observe.

You can write up excuses and say that by attending university or a trade occupation are progressing to a point of getting a job.  But if you are mostly a pretender-student, and still unemployed at age 21....what's really going on in your life?  Are you a loser?  Are you just aiming at some worthless life position?

You can't really write up a decent resume at age 21 and include the fact that over the last year or two....most of your income either came from the family, or via illicit drug sales.

This is the odd continuing aspect of most of these 'gentlemen'.....they've become early-age pot-smokers and gotten into some loser attitude.  Then they get all religious and driven into some mental process where nothing makes sense.....except a quick route to some great beyond.

Suicide in this situation simply relieves them of the pain of continuing a loser situation.  It's a sad end for a human life, and the fact that they just drag other people along into their misery makes it ten times worse.

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