Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Germany News: Bits and Pieces (Thursday morning)

BamF reviews:  BamF is the German agency that does immigration and asylum review/approval.  After this fake immigrant episode, the government in Berlin kinda suggested a review.  So BamF pulled 2,000 applications over the past two years.  What they more or less admit in public is that a fair number were approved without proper documentation (pushing them through without a full review).  So now?  They intend to pull back 85,000 applications (already approved) and ask more questions.  This means that some folks (you can only guess at the number) will be asked to produce more, and can't do it.  Of this 85,000.....I'll take a guess that a quarter of them are fake ID situations.  I'm also going to take a guess that a handful will be duplicate folks who applied in two locations and currently get social-money being two different refugees.  It'll take a year for this to conclude (my humble guess) but it might interesting to watch.

Riot over Afghani guy:  So, this occurred yesterday in Nuremberg.  Cops come to take some Afghan guy who was to be deported.  Cops had to come in numbers, and even more got to call....because the students staged an all-out riot.  Video at Focus over the incident, worth watching.  Again, I note the stupidity of the authorities....picking a public location like this, and not staging a quiet pick-up as the guy left school to go home at the conclusion of the day.  The students?  Hyped up and on some agenda. Simpy proves the government case that when you fail the application need to be forced to appear in a court where your review will be read, and if you need to be taken at that point to some deportation center for your exit.

EU regulating vacations:  Generally, there's nothing that the EU will not regulate.  This week, there's a new regulation coming up over travel and particular travel packages being sold.  There are a lot of negatives to this, and a number of Berlin political folks are very negative about this.  If you are a small independent travel agent group....the odds are that you will dissolve within two or three years because the regulations make it difficult to survive.  Good Focus article on the piece.

US spies offer service:  Some might laugh over this, but the US offered it's spy services for the German national election in help Germany prevent the Russians from tampering.  Naturally, the Germans said 'no'.  

Evil USA:  If you watched the German public news last's safe to say that they went turbo negative on Trump and the US.  The one thing they order for President Obama to carry this back and be so proud of the situation....they could NOT call it a treaty.  It was simply an agreement, because treaties require the Senate to review and approve.  So as much as they talk or use the word was never such a vehicle.  To suggest the US is breaking a treaty.....well, it's more of a pocket-agreement.

Berlin terrorist update:  The guy has been dead now for five months, but this episode from Berlin still draws attention.  Yesterday, the news folks discussed another report that came out.....that Amris went and sought an ISIS recruiter just two weeks prior to his act.  This was obviously a last-minute thought-up act and very little planning put into this.  A guy going from zero to sixty, to suicidal, in a very short period of time.

Military officers fired:  Some investigation at the German military university....results in two officers who were trainers or lecture people....being fired for racist comments.  Generally, if you work for any German government organization these days, you need to observe your comments carefully and avoiding talking on about a dozen topics unless it's within a confined group.

EU's next regulation:  Well, it probably will not please the Germans.  The EU is hinting on regulation of toll operations.  The Germans (particularly the Bavarians) were looking for a chance to force a toll deal for European drivers crossing into Germany.  Merkel was not happy with the deal....opposition parties were divided....but this moved ahead.  The German plan probably will be tossed if the EU plan becomes reality.  What the EU said was that the German toll program probably ought to end within a decade....but also said member states ought to regulate themselves on this.

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