Tuesday, May 30, 2017

German Bits and Pieces (Wed morning)

Terror suspect arrested:  German cops in Brandenburg arrested a 17-year-old Syrian kid for terror planning.  Not a lot said other than it would have been in or around Berlin. More info likely tomorrow.

Pregnancy uniform for German army:  Well....some would say that this only took three decades after the US Army or Air Force did it.  Bundeswehr finally adapted a military uniform for women who are pregnant.  Up until this point, you had to wear civilian clothing during this period.  Why so long?  Some would say it was a male-dominated society...some would say a lack of fashion experts....what ever.  It took roughly 18 months from the idea being approved to the point of a selection and rules adapted for it.

Merkel-Trump chatter:  Public TV still carries a hyped up Merkel versus Trump banner.  Next big meeting between the two?  Hamburg, early July, G-20 meeting.  Hard to predict just how far the press will push along this topic.  Serious NATO discussions?  At some point, I think prior to the German election....Trump will hit the button and mention an evaluation of US forces in Europe...suggesting a decrease.

SPD Schulz a millionaire? :  To halt this in the fake news game (or rumors) ARD did a fact-check and says on their analysis....Schulz is NOT a millionaire.  The method used?  Strictly looking at his legit paycheck for this entire period of the past twenty-odd years. They did suggest that he might be one of the richer candidates for Chancellor in decades, but nothing past that.  Speeches given with stipends?  Never discussed.  I would assume he give at least five or six speeches a year and gets paid something (more than 10,000 Euro in my mind).  The necessity of the ARD fact-check?  I suspect they just want to put down the rumor.  If there was a millionaire running for Chancellor?  I think it'd bother a lot of Germans.  Wealth is an evil thing.....you know.

Billion Euro a year to India:  Well, yeah, Chancellor Merkel did announce today a gift deal to India in the range of one billion Euro.  It was an extremely limited article by ARD on this topic, which is rather odd.  Some talk about democracy and trade, but it sounds mostly like that Germany wants a big open door with India.  Maybe with a lot of the failed asylum guys....they could go off and be accepted in India....it's hard to say.

Varoufakis speaks:  It's always interesting when the former Greek Finance Minster speaks.  He's hooked up now with a foundation and does public talks across Europe.  He is fairly clever.  In this piece, he's suggesting the current that the Germans use for their economy is basically failing.  When you start to do negative-interest rates....it's a sign of a failed economy....in his belief.

Beer truck flips:  About every six months in Germany, you see or hear about a beer truck flipping over.  In this case from yesterday, coming off the autobahn....a truck fell over and 2,500 bottles broke. Big scene.

SPD change in dynamics:  The Minister-President for Mecklenburg resigned yesterday (SPD figure) for health reasons.  The SPD decided to do a number of seat changes, in an effort to rekindle some public support for the political party.  Three key people shifted around.  It's hard to say if this does much of anything for this campaign season.

German-Turks in jail:  When people talk about dual-holders of passports, there's always a story.  In this episode by ARD, they've noted now that Erdogan is holding 44 Turk-Germans (people with both passports) in a Turkish jail.  So far, none of them are getting much help in getting out.  If someone were to publish their pictures and talk about the "44"....it'd likely turn into a big negative with Turks residing in Germany over Erdogan.

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