Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Charges Story

If you were looking for the weirdest angle to the New Year's Eve episode in Koln with the sexual came this morning from local news sources in the Koln area: there are now charges being examined against police authorities in Koln.

The prosecutor involved....won't describe the charges or who they are being formed against.  One might look broadly at the big picture and simply say that several of the young women assaulted or gentlemen robbed....have formed the opinion that police leadership allowed a marginal police presence to exist in the area of the train-station.

The odds that the charges stick and actually go into a court?  I would have my doubts.

Even if they got that far....the judge would want absolute proof or evidence of incompetence or failure of leadership.  This would require some cops to step forward and show written correspondence or emails that limited their actions.

In essence, it would be a remarkable thing if all this were to occur, actually going through a trial, and a guilty verdict were rendered against some police authority.


Jess Short said...

I live near Cologne, and the one thing the Cologne government is good at is procrastination. They like to make a lot of noise when the interest of the public is there, but as soon as that fades, it is back to normal...doing nothing.
I just realized...that describes every political party in German.

R Hammond said...

If you watch German nightly news at 8PM (not the commercial stuff, but state-run)....probably four of the fifteen minutes is dedicated nightly to political stuff, and the 9:45 episode will carry at least six to ten minutes of political stuff. Then after a while, you realize it's more or less the US version of theater-opera (these good guys versus those bad guys, a fake scandal, a real scandal, bogus polling data, transparency uttered in every third sentence, and intellectual explanations without substance). Even at the local's just good theater.

Jess Short said...

I've lived here now 20+ years and have always considered state run news media a comedy. Always good for a laugh.