Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Akte From Last Night

I sat at 10:15PM last night (Tuesday) and watched Sat1's Akte program.  It's a news documentary program....commercially supported.

The chief segment?  A curious piece.  They sent a crew for two days to a highly urbanized zone....where drug dealers operate without much worry.  Cameras captured dozens of dealers in a public square.  Cops would show up....maybe arrest two or three, and the rest would scatter for a couple of hours and return.

The public is unhappy about the behavior of the dealers and lack of police accomplishment.

At some point, they interviewed a 'kingpin' from Dubai who was the drug-gang guy....big expensive car in full display.  It only took about sixty seconds for you to have a pretty bad taste in your mouth from the interview.

The impression one gets is that the cops are acting and reading off some script from the 1990s.  They haven't advanced or thought much about the landscape in front of them.  Zero creativity.  Then you kinda look over at the city leadership, prosecution team, and local judges....and get the idea that they don't really care.

This is part of the general problem with the public perception....the cops are simply there to report car accidents and monitor your speed.  They aren't geared to take on this type of threat.

For the video, here is the site.....14-minutes, all in German.

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