Saturday, March 25, 2017

Painted into a Corner

Yesterday, a plane was supposed to lift off from Frankfurt carrying a Tunisian guy....forcibly....back to Tunisia to stand court action.

This action was set off in early February when the German cops did a search warrant and came to note a number of issues with this guy and some terror planing going on (for acts in Germany).

The Tunisians were interested in the guy, because he'd helped to plan terror acts there as well.

The Tunisians say he was on the planning side of the Bardo National Museum attack where 20 tourists were killed (note nationalities of the dead: Italy, France, Japan, Tunisia, Belgium, Russia, UK, Columbia, Poland, and Belgium).  No Germans among the dead.

As he got to the airport....he asked for asylum paperwork.  By law, the Germans have to provide such paperwork.  He filled it out, and then as the plane sat on the tarmac ready to go...cops stopped it, and removed the guy.

By German law, they must consider him for asylum.  Chief reason?  If he goes back to Tunisia....they have a capital punishment law and can execute him for the connection to the 20 tourists dead.

As far as I terrorists has ever enacted this German law in this particular way.

His history?  Well, this gets to an interesting point.  He came to Germany fourteen years ago on a student visa.  At some point, with details left out by journalists, this student visa was going to run out so he went and married a German woman.  Little is said about this marriage.  Perhaps it was a cash-related marriage where the woman got paid off.  But in the end.....with the marriage....he got an indefinite visa and could stay forever.

You would think that the guy would go on and get a regular job and make a success out of his situation.

At some point, he gives up and goes to return to Tunisia.  Little is said about his profession, or ability to turn an income.  That's more or less a mystery in this whole story.

By mid-summer of 2015....he'd returned back to Germany....five months after the Bardo Museum attack.

He's been picked up by the German cops on a couple of occasions....little is discussed on his crimes....theft is the only thing that journalists will comment upon.

As you sit and ponder upon the come to realize if he was connected to the Bardo Museum episode....he's fairly dangerous.  He's not the kind of guy that you can allow into the general population.  Because of the house search and various planning activities....there are some minor charges that the Germans could hustle up, but none will get him more than a couple of years in prison.

By the unique features of German law....if anyone enters Germany....even if this were a African-Hitler-like character who'd killed thousands, the German law requires an asylum application to be reviewed and if the threat of death is likely in the old country, then Germany must accept the guy.  A fair number of Germans will complain about this feature, but it's the law.

My guess is that the review of the guy will require approximately 100 days....putting this into the middle of summer.  It'll be approved for asylum, but note that he's fairly dangerous.  They will have to hustle up planning charges here in Germany, and hopefully have a court case by early 2018....which deems he guilty of something and simply puts him in prison for a couple of years.  Then what?  He can't be sent back to he'll be a permanent German in the end.

Here's the thing....if you were a Tunisian sitting there in Tunis and observing all of this....angry as heck over this terror act at the Bardo Museum and the harm to the tourist profits that Tunisia used to'd view Germany's behavior in a pretty negative way.

The Germans, with all of their niceness laid on the table....have painted themselves into a harsh corner.  There is no escape....they have to welcome a guy who is a potential threat.

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