Saturday, March 4, 2017

New Shift Coming in French Election?

We are six weeks away from the French Presidential primary.

Presently, if you look at various polls of the past ten days.....Le Pen of the National Front enjoys a good lead (in the 27-percent range).  Fillon?  Well....he's hit his absolute peak at 19-percent and folks are fairly amused by his fake pay deal (through his wife).  The Progressive Party guy....Macron is enjoying second-place with roughly 24-percent.

In the last few of the poll groups did an unusual poll....suggesting that if Fillon would just quit and his party's number two person (Juppe) would just run instead....that he'd immediately climb to 25-percent and take several points of Le Pen (Odoxa-polling).

The odds of Fillon quitting?  I noticed this week that several big names within Fillon's LR Party are backing away from Fillon.  Support is diminishing.  Changing at this point in time?  It would be a major shock.

But here's the trend....if Juppe just appears out of thin air and is able to beat Le Pen, and she falls to third-place, then she's out of the picture entirely (no chance to run in the final election).

So far, while speculation is barely existing on this....I suspect that if it's a race of Marcon and this late-comer Juppe....Juppe would likely win.

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