Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Business Commentary

I spend a fair amount of time walking around here in Wiesbaden and examining business strategy...where business schemes were developed and successfully implemented....and where lousy concepts resulted in utter failure.

One of the worst made decisions in twenty years within the city....was the construction on the site next to the Wiesbaden Bahnhof (the train-station).  This was the site of the old post office.  Today, you have the four story Lillencarre.

The structure lays on top of two decks of parking, and then three decks of business fronts....most of which are currently empty.  The top floor is a four-star fitness club but limited in size.  Whatever strategy existed upon the grand opening from 2007....has mostly dissolved away.

Today, I walked by the site and they had a big sign up....more building to come up by 2018, with a newly devised structure.

The heart of everyone's vision from a decade ago was that this would be the place where railway riders would return home each night from Frankfurt, and spend money.  Sadly, this vision has never occurred.  Part of the bigger problem was that the structure had a very limited cafe or eating menu.

More money being poured into the facility....for nothing?  More or less.  They never had a magnet....like a theater, pub, or some nightclub.  It was simply a connection to the train-station and little else.

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