Saturday, March 18, 2017

Erdogan and the Five-Kid Suggestion

About every other day, Erdogan of Turkey makes some comment that you kinda shake your head over, and wonder where that idea came from.

Yesterday, Erdogan put out a statement to Turks throughout Europe.....that they should proudly work on producing five kids.

The general problem throughout Europe, and especially in that if tried to go with Erdogan's suggestion....the cost of living and one-step away from poverty situation would drive you crazy.

So you start with rent.  Most Turks that reside in Germany.....will reside in larger urbanized areas (Heidelberg, Mainz, Essen, Berlin, Munich, etc).  You go and examine rent prices for a three or four bedroom apartment, and you start freaking out.  Maybe if you live 40 kilometers outside of might be able to find some affordable situation, but then you need a dependable car to take you into work.

Then you examine taxes, healthcare costs, pension contributions.  Roughly forty to fifty percent of what you make will go toward those items.  Maybe if you had a really great job, with technology advantages....there might be a hefty salary and a chance to get ahead, but out of a thousand Turks...most will end up in craftsman trades where it's an average income (probably 98-percent).

Having a vehicle to haul around a couple and five kids?  If you are in the bottom forty-percent of salary....there's a problem in affording a big van.  You certainly wouldn't be able to afford two vehicles.

Did Erdogan ask the Turkish career women their humble opinion?  A lot of them have established themselves into a job opportunity, very happy with pay, and not driven to have more than one or two kids max.

Maybe in Turkey, you could afford to have five kids or more, but for most of Europe, it just makes no real sense.  You'd be on the edge of poverty unless you had some fantastic job with serious pay advantages.  With average education or won't find such a job.

It'll be curious what Erdogan gets hyped up on next.  Maybe he'll come up with some slogan or pitch to bring Germans back to the vacation resorts in Turkey?

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