Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Spy Game

Two weeks ago....the head of Turkey's government (Erdogan) came out and said that this Turk-German reporter that has been arrested and held by the Turkish an agent of the German government.  In essence, a secret agent.

This naturally just got the Germans more hyped up and various political folks (including Merkel) are on the offensive now to say that this all pretty foolish talk by the Turkish govenrnment.

I've sat for a number of days and paused over this accusation, and come to this conclusion.  If Turkey is so fired up and in absolute belief that Yucel (the reporter) is some spy....what about the tens of thousands of Germans who would be arriving in the spring...each be tourists in Turkey?  Could dozens, hundreds or thousands of these individuals also be spies?

If I were a Turk and so fired up to believe this spy business....then I'd want to stop all Germans from entering Turkey and prevent massive spying.  Treat every single German as spy.

The negative side of this is that you'd kill off the entire travel industry in Turkey and start an exodus of Turks in search of work elsewhere.  On top of'd start an irrational fear of all foreigners because you'd think they all come to Turkey to spy.  On what?  Well....yeah....that's a curious thing.  What exactly are the Turks developing for technology or industry....that would be worth spying upon?

In a way, it's kinda sad how naive people are dragged around with accusations like this by foolish politicians.

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