Thursday, March 16, 2017


From today's German BILD, an odd layout.  Two entire of the individuals, and a major 8 and 9.

Erdogan, NEIN, DANKE. (No, Thanks).  

Fifty and women....young and old.  All voicing a simple three-line statement against the upcoming ballot measure where Erdogan will concrete down his powers of authority.  These are all German-Turks, who've adapted to Germany....gotten employment....enjoy the current lifestyle, freedoms, economic landscape, educational opportunities, and 'quite' political atmosphere.

It's a dynamic piece that BILD centered upon.... working-class Turks who don't believe the hype that Erdogan has made with this political situation.  

No one in Germany is quiet sure about the division of pro-Erdogan or anti-Erdogan support.  It might be fifty-fifty.  It might be fewer than 20-percent in support of Erdogan.  It's not the kind of poll that German news media folks tend to do, and I think that most German politicians would prefer to avoid these results.  If it were 90-percent'd worry some folks.

Here's the curious thing.  Most Turks will tell you that they glance at various Turkish language newspapers each week, and maybe catch satellite coverage from Turkey on some occasions.  Most have adapted to Germany....speak the language, and if there was one single newspaper which they read on would be BILD.  I'm not saying BILD is the greatest newspaper in the world (it has it's issues)....but people tend to see them as being the voice of the common man in Germany.  

Maybe it makes little difference on the Turkish public, but it will suggest that Turks aren't buying into the Erdogan political gimmicks.  

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