Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Kachelmann Story

Jorg Kachelmann popped back up in the news today.

Jorg was a fairly smart kid in the late 1970s and had this great interest in weather.  At some point, in a university program in Zurich (they didn't offer a weather degree), Jorg was in the middle of studying geography, physics and math....and then decided "to heck with this" and went off to become a journalist.  Between a regional radio station and writer for a newspaper, Jorge did well.

In the late 1990s, Jorg became the figure on Germany's effort to have a weather channel.  As program director, he helped to launch the network.  Its safe to say that Germans weren't ready for such a network and after a while....Jorg was let go.  But during this time, he became this character in front of the cameras.

Around fifteen years ago, Jorg became the nightly weather guy on German public TV (ARD).  He rotated with a couple of other folks but you got to see him at least once or twice a week.

In spring 2010....Jorg was supposed to fly off to some news assignment, and he'd decided at this point to dump his girlfriend.  Little has ever been said about this dramatic moment or how she took it in those initial minutes

The girlfriend decided that retaliation was necessary....so she reported him to the Frankfurt cops for rape.  The cops?  They arrested him at the airport.  The investigation?  It took almost nine months for the cops to finally come to a clear conclusion....he never raped the girlfriend.  Based on wild media reporting at the time....Jorg went back to sue one of the major news outlets in Germany, and in 2015....was awarded roughly 600,000 Euro for erroneous reporting.

Today, I noticed in German national reporting the court system had finally decided it was time to investigate the girlfriend.  They won't say the timetable or the efforts required, but it's safe to say that she's got an attorney.

There were roughly 132 days of deprived 'liberty' in Jorge's case and the court will have to decide if this gal needs some type of compensation paid to Jorge.

It's a fairly unusual case and you have to remember....this is all from the spring of 2010....nearly seven years ago.

One of the more creative words (Germans are always working some amusing word out of thin air) was the phrase Opfer-Abo.  It was meant when a woman uses a victim situation falsely.  Since then, you will see this phrase thrown around a bit.

My guess is that some lawyer words were exchanged with the gal in question....probably all the way back to 2010, and she figured....sooner or later, this day in court would occur.  She'll be asked for some testimony and some judge will have to decide what 132 days of lost liberty is worth, and if the gal in question has some judgement issues.

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