Saturday, March 4, 2017

Interesting Poll

Occasionally, the public in Germany will be asked critical questions and respond.  This week, a poll came out with some interesting conclusions.

It was conducted by the Social Science Institute of the Evangelical Church (the Lutheran crowd).  Using 6,000 people as it's base....the questions centered on immigration and migrants.

For the most part....a strong majority (85-percent) do still favor humanitarian aid.  Oddly, this 85-percent number reflects 15-percent in the other direction....which kinda matches up with the poverty-level in Germany (15.7-percent).  No one says much from the Institute over who makes up the 6,000 people and I might question if any folks within the poverty level took the poll.

So then you turn to a question or two which reflect off refugees, protection of the social system in Germany, and the need for skilled workers.  ONLY one-third of the folks surveyed had some positive feeling in those areas.

At least half of the folks who responded have a fear now of terrorism.  Nearly three out of every four have some concern over fundamentalist Muslims within Germany now. The vast majority (nearly 80-percent).....have some fear of right-wing extremism.

The poll reflects a society which had positive feelings over helping out poor folks in a war-like situation, and opening the door wide for Syrians and Iraqis simply made sense.  No one stood there and noted that more than fifty-percent of those entering were not Syrian or Iraqi.  Nor did anyone take into account that fake passports would figure into this gimmick, or that men of 18-to-25 years old would present themselves as 14-to-16 years old to ensure absolute acceptance and more benefits.

All of this good intentions leaves a bad taste in the mouth of most Germans.  When you bring up social benefits, cost of operating shelters, and the amount of job training to get some new resident up to a level for a job....well, it's money that could have been spent on German education, infrastructure, or the poverty-class of Germany.  The one positive is that all of this spending is occurring in a period when the economic level is extremely positive.  If Germany shifts to a level of a marginal economy or a downward spiral.....I suspect a lot of the positive nature will dry up quickly.

In the end, as much good as the open door has accomplished....that fear of terrorism is a daily part of some German's lives now.  This was not something that people thought much about a decade ago and were seeing life as a very safe and sure thing.

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