Monday, March 20, 2017

Bringing Back the Draft?

Back around 2001, France took this big step forward and halted the 'draft'.  Conscription was tossed to the side, and some hearty benefits and decent pay-scale changes came into effect to attract young people to the French Army.

Most folks are happy about the situation....preferring not to be drafted or forced into something they have no interest in.

Well.....this past week....the Progressive Party guy....Macron....running for President of France, has said that he wants to bring back the draft.

Yeah, it was a bit of shocker to the general public.

Numbers?  You could be talking about 600,000 young French men and women forced into this.

Acceptance, if it were to come up as a draft law?  There would be various waivers written up into the piece (my humble opinion) that would defer tens of thousands with various fake reasons why they can't participate.  Two or three years into this....the waivers I suspect....would become some massive scale investigation and require some people to face criminal judges for illegal actions.

It's an odd piece of some political platform to pick up and hype in of all places.....France.  My guess is that various individuals are preparing for bribes down the line to get the waivers.

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