Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Marshall-Plan Discussion

It was mostly a short speech, by the head of the EU....Antonio Tajani....but it centered on what is approaching and the recommended solution.

He says that twenty million Africans could be attempting to come into Europe over the next decade.  The only way to possibly slow them down or prevent to create some type of Marshall-like plan to give them economic hope in Africa.

The odds of the twenty-million number?  Here's the thing....a fair number are already in Europe today.  Various foundations have attempted 'counts' and the best guess is that somewhere between four million and eight million reside in some European country today.  Some have jobs....some don't.  All of them have email access and likely communicate with people back home.  For every positive message they send back....they plant a seed of future life in Europe with the person who reads the email.

With the current method of European acceptance....that you simply need a raft situation and float out ten miles where some European 'help' organization will save you and bring you to Italian or French shores.

The odds of a Marshall-like plan helping?  Here's the thing, you could push half-a-million Euro into one particular area with 100,000 people and really raise their standard of living.  Just by drilling deep wells and putting up clean water'd do a lot.  If you brought in basic commerce ideas and installed trade as a way to get'd make a lot of impact.  But if you were that 20-year old guy and reviewing the future.....these are just 'baby-steps' and it could be twenty years before any real gains are making you feel better about the surroundings.  Why wait?

The other problem that you might see is that young males are leaving in high numbers to make the journey to Libya and hoping to hit the 'big-time'.  This is leaving a lot of villages with just older folks, young ladies, and kids.

Could Europe handle twenty million more migrants....with no real job training or work-experience?  No.  That's the sad problem with this entire discussion.  You'd have this whole group of people that you'd end up spending two or three years training and getting them to some level of work capability, but it'd be geared for the low-end of the totem-pole.....meaning low-pay jobs.  In twenty years, all of these folks would be angry at the lack of progress that they expected in Europe.

A mess?  Yeah, it's just sitting and brewing.  Thanks to the internet....we've got an entire society unable to accept their misfortune.

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